Class 1: Introduction to Animation  

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Introduction to storytelling with animation

  • Principles of animation
  • Character Interpretation for 2D animation
  • Storyboard interpretation for 2D animation

Class 2: Paperless Animation

Introduction to the paperless animation software (Photoshop & Toon Boom)

  • Pose to pose animation
  • Straight ahead animation
  • Animating with Keyframes, Breakdowns & In-betweens
  • Roughs, Cleanup and Coloring
  • Basic walk cycle

Class 3: Papercut Animation

  • Introduction to papercut animation
  • Brief introduction to Moho Pro 12 software
  • Fundamental character design in Moho
  • Character rigging in Moho
  • Animating in Moho: Basic walk cycle, frame by frame and switch animation

Class 4: Layout

  • Environment & props design
  • Character animation layout: integrating animated character(s) with environment
  • Animating environment props

Class 5: Compositing

  • Compositing animated character(s), props & environment in After Effects
  • Adding visual effects to animated scene
  • Adding sound effects to animation
  • Adding camera moves & transitions
  • Rendering final animation in optimized video formats