10 Essentials to Make Your Small Business Commercial a Success

10 Essentials to Make Your Small Business Commercial a Success - Tip

While it is seemingly easy to run a website and create web content for your online viewers in the form of written advertisements and blog posts, the truth is most of your customers are geared to respond quicker to a visual commercial ad.

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While written web material is an important element of your overall marketing efforts, reading lengthy content about a product or service takes time, and time is something that many people do not have.

On the other hand video commercials, whether broadcast on television or the internet, require very little brain power when it comes to understanding the advertiser’s point.  Customers see what is being promoted and the decision is made instantly whether to buy or not.

In 2015, 95% of all available Super Bowl XLIX advertisements slots were purchased by big name companies at an average rate of $4.5 million per 30-seconds.  To add to that, 6 smaller name companies spent upwards of 10% of their annual media budget on a Super Bowl ad.


Because commercial advertising works and has for a long time.  That is why all businesses, big or small, should invest in the video production of a commercial to publicize their companies.


10 Essentials to Make Your Small Business Commercial a Success

Let’s take a look at the top features that make up a winning small business commercial so that you can add to your  business’ marketing efforts and start increasing sales right away:


1. Solid Branding

A good commercial will spark a connection between your company’s brand and the audience.


When it comes to branding your business using a commercial, reflect on why the best commercials are a hit and try to incorporate those branding techniques into your own commercial.  Add emotions, a storyline, and a promise that your company can keep.

Remember that people will react to your commercial for a very specific reason.  You must have a solid mission statement and brand identity that you can share with your audience to achieve that reaction.


2. Simplicity

You only have 30-60 seconds to grab your audience’s attention, inform them about your brand, and encourage them to act.  It is crucial you keep your storyline simple and to the point.  If you bombard your audience with too much information or complicated messages, chances are they will tune the commercial out.


3. The People

Involving real people in your video production is one way of really relating to your audience.  It makes the commercial seems more realistic and can be useful in showing how your product or service works in real life.  For a great example of this, check out this Super Bowl ad about everyday people using their FitBit watches.

Another important point, especially for small businesses, is to contemplate who you hire to do the commercial acting.

Rather than hire actors you might consider using your actual employees or even the president of the company.  The face that is seen by your audience is one that will stick.  It is better to use a consistent and well known face than to add random actors into the mix (think of Papa John’s founder in nearly every commercial).  This is especially true if you plan on filming multiple commercials over an extended period of time.



4. Consistency

As noted above with regards to the people you include in your commercial, consistency is the key to video production.  Use the same announcer, actors, jingle, fonts, colors, and logos so that people will start to get to know and recognize your business.

The more your customers recognize your commercials, the more apt they are to use you when they want to make a purchase or use your services.

Need something to reference?  Check out Progressive Insurance and their consistent use of Flo.


5. Visual Cues

Planning the entire visual aspect of your commercial is one of the most important things a small business can do in their commercial creation.  After all, the point of a video commercial is to visually advertise your business.

Pick your scenes carefully, don’t change locations too much, and don’t cram too many visual cues into the small time frame your commercial runs.

The goal is for your commercial to tell a powerful story about your business, even when the volume is turned down.


6. Creativity

Sure, your small business may not have $4.5 million dollars to spend on one commercial slot, and that’s okay!  Embrace the limitations your small budget may come with.

Now is your chance to be a little creative, think outside of the box, and even take an unusual approach to your commercial.  Viewers are more open to cheesy commercials when they are for smaller companies and this sort of branding can really stick.

Think #puppymonkeybaby.  Though not a small business commercial (it was for Mountain Dew in case you missed it), the point is it was weird, creative, and even borderline horrifying.  But everyone and I mean everyone, talked about it.


7. Call to Action

Don’t forget to include a call to action (CTA) in your commercial.  You want to tell your customers what to do such as “visit today.”  Then include your contact information such as phone number, website, or physical address.  Even adding a simple one-liner stating where customers can find you can make all the difference in the success of your commercial.

Though big name brands often leave viewers without a specific call to action, as a small business trying to grow your customer base, it is important for viewers to know what you want them to do after learning about your products or services.


8. Proper Placement and Timing

Conducting research before you schedule your commercial to air will make a huge difference in your sales.  You must determine which audience the commercial is tailored towards and the best time of day your intended audience will see it.  You should also consider how often you would like your commercial to run daily.  Obviously, the more times a viewer sees your commercial the more apt they will be to visit your store and make a purchase.


9. Professionalism

Just because you are a small business, and possibly on a small budget, does not mean you can throw professional video production of your commercial out the window.  Hire a production company such as kennysoft STUDIOs  to handle things such as writing, shooting, and editing your commercial.  If you look hard enough, you can find some very competitive pricing options, and possibly companies who only work with small businesses.


10. Mind Your Bottom Line

Although not a concrete “feature” of a video commercial, staying mindful of your bottom line is something all small businesses should do.  Sure, creating a commercial is fun and exciting and you can have great intentions for increasing your company’s sales with one.  However, if after presenting the commercial to your intended audience no significant impact on sales is shown, you should probably reconsider your messaging.

Focus groups are a great way to test how your commercial will be received by real customers and can offer objective feedback to help you reach your target audience.


Final Thoughts

As a small business, it is important to ramp up your marketing efforts in order to grow your business.  Since people are generally visual beings, video commercials are an excellent way to achieve the next level of brand advertisement.  And the great thing is it does not have to be difficult or expensive either.

If you are looking for a high quality video production company to shoot your small business’ commercial, consider contacting kennysoft STUDIOs.

Whether filming in-studio or on-location at your business, kennysoft STUDIOs will make the most out of your budget and advertising goals and help you create a winning commercial.  Using only the latest and greatest equipment, and staffed with talented people experienced in video and Animation production, kennysoft STUDIOs is sure to get your business the exposure it needs in just the right way.

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