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Increase Sales With Videos | 5 Tips For Small Business

Increase Sales With Videos

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Increase Sales With Videos: Every business on earth wants to make sales regardless of their structure – small scale or large scale. Lots of activities are involved in creating an attractive business portfolio. This entails financial investments, objectives, action plans, etc. Why would you go through all these to develop a business? It is simple – PROFIT. 

Profit is the cash gained from sales of goods and services from your business at the end of the day, week, month, or year. Whichever period it falls in or comes into your hand or bank account, it is profit. I believe you’ll fully agree with me that the reason you want to own or already owned a small-scale business today is, you want to earn extra money for yourself. Can you make the profits when the sales are not coming forth?

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What if you are having the sales but it isn’t up to your expectations? Do you feel satisfied? I believe not. Possibly you have done consultations. You might just conclude within you “I’m tired of this business”. Do not give up. You once had that burning zeal to open this business. You have invested financially into it too. Remember, when an investment is done, profits are expected. A financial investment, in this case, can be likened as part of your synergy. 

One important tool for businesses today – either small or big, is the use of videos. You may have used it, or you have not tried it. Here I will share with you a few tips on how to Increase Sales With Videos.

5 Tips To Increase Sales With Videos

1. Captivating Title

The movie “Coming to America” had a larger audience in the ’80s especially within the African continent, because the movie title was attractive. So many videos online have a captivating title but poor content to attract views, but a business video is different. Once the content is poor, you have lost that potential customer or client. Make it count.

Increase Sales With Videos

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2. Objective

When making videos by themselves which is also known as doing it yourself videos, many small-scale business owners focus more on their product and less on the primary purpose of making the video. Customers want to see juicy offers attached to products.

The minds of the 21st-century customer and client aren’t all about product quality. They want quality and juicy offers.  A video with a colorful scenario can create attraction too. Additionally, you should ensure your videos are mobile-friendly too. 

3. Call-to-Action

When you make the juicy offer to your viewer, give them a word to rush the offer while it lasts. It is called a “Call-to-Action”. Making a presentation to your viewers without a convincing ending to whet their interest to make a purchase, makes you lose a mark in their mind.

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4. Story

What happened to storytelling in our era? A quick short story stimulates the interest of the viewer to watch till the end. It can come in the form of pictures with different backgrounds or something out of the blue. It all depends on the kind of business you do. You can take a leaf from NAS – the Facebook video blogger that does one-minute videos.

He makes them short, interesting, and his viewers want more. He even sells his personalized shirts too. You may have a beautiful objective and scenario, but if the story isn’t effective to deliver the crunchy detail, you’ve lost it. Storytelling goes a long way. 

5. Be Enthusiastic

Have you ever seen a boring Coke or Pepsi video advert? What about any boring Kellogg’s product advert? What kind of mood is presented in each of these product adverts? In each ad, you see energy, an indirect message telling you that the product gives you boost. Imagine how the sales would look like if the ads were boring. I am not saying you should act wild and gibberish in your videos. Be lively and convincing.

These are the tips. However, when you make videos on your own, hire a professional to give it excellent editing. It is one little secret many business owners ignore. Video has a large impact on the mind of the consumer when it comes to the purchasing decision process. Using videos for your business is a window of opportunity that should be utilized fully to increase sales. It should be one of the strengths infused in a business characteristic.


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