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4 Major Benefits Of Failures

Major benefits of failure

Benefits Of Failures: More than anything else, we all want to be successful in all aspects of life. No one would expect things to get worse or desire to go through hardships and failures. Yet, nobody can escape the hand of fate, unfortunately. We’re all forced to experience serious struggles at some stages in our lives. Many people decide to give up and accept failures as soon as they feel the pain and suffering.

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As a result of these, they end up with fear and doubt, and gradually lose hope and ambitions. Only some keep trying when things get tough no matter how hard or how long it might be. For them, there is no permanent failure; rather, these are only regarded as temporary defeats pushing them beyond their limits, building their strengths and cultivating their hidden talents.


Benefits Of Failures

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Of course, success is always great and sweet but it doesn’t mean that failures are always terrible and an absolute.  Failures are seen as permanent if and only if we accept and allow it. When considering failures as temporary defeats; their power might be greater than we could imagine because very often they are a blessing in disguise leading to a great transformation for all of us. It’s when our seeds of success actually germinate and grow.

If you are still questioning why they are necessary and should be valued, let’s take a look at the post to see 4 major benefits of temporary defeats.

Major Benefits Of Failures

1. Keep us humble

Imagine a life when we succeed in many aspects of our life. What is it like to be in that position?  We will be so thrilled of course but when facing no challenges compared to our struggling fellows I believe we will soon become haughty, arrogant, boastful and superior to others. Temporary defeat plays an important role, teaching us that we aren’t important than others. Through temporary defeats, we see our weaknesses and shortcomings – that need to change and how and when. This is

Major Benefits Of Failures

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what success can rarely give us and help us truly understand ourselves? Failing is hurt. Not only does it causes emotional turmoil and upset, it bruises our self-esteem and ego but it’s worth it because it helps us become authentic and focus on what really matters.

Moreover, it gives us valuable time to sit back and reflect on everything, what we have done wrong and how to start anew. Through the failures, we learn to be humble and grounded and won’t act arrogant next time when we succeed at something.

Humility is the only true wisdom by which we prepare our minds for all the possible changes of life.”

– George Arliss

2. Give us experience and knowledge

When the student is ready, teacher will appear”

– Buddha

No one can grow without ever learning. People can learn from school, through their teachers, family members, and friends but there is nothing more valuable than learning from their first-hand experiences. Temporary defeats are a learning process that we all need to go through without an exception. If you’ve been fortunate enough to fail so many times at young ages,

be thankful for these gifts of experience and knowledge because you will soon attain the wisdom you need for your long journey ahead. When you join the University of Hard Knock, you are offered tremendous opportunities to explore and discover the world in your own way, acquiring the lacking knowledge and experiences essential for your future success. As Napoleon Hill said “Everything has a price. There is no such possibility as something for nothing”.

3. Build our resilience

Fear often kills the dream while failures destroy confidence. But if you don’t give up and don’t give in, it’s when you start building your resilience. You face your own fear and reject the idea of permanent failure. You only see it as your temporary defeats so-called the transformative events which are essential for your personal growth. The dramatic ups and downs toughen you up and help you bounce back quickly.

The beauty of failing is that it only gives you two options – either fight back or accept it as a loser. Once you choose your battle of fighting back, you establish the foundation for your success to come and it’s just a matter of time for you to see the fruit of your effort.

No one ever is defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality”

Napoleon Hill

4. Push us to take actions

When life hit you hard and you lose today, it doesn’t mean you will keep falling towards that direction except you allow it to happen. Your fate is actually in your hand and it’s up to you to set the sails towards your destination. Wishing will not bring you success but actions will. You can accomplish nothing until you take action.

The powerful part of having failed is that if you have a burning desire to win, failures will hardly be a barrier between you and your success. They push you to roll up your sleeves, work harder and fight stronger. As soon as you overcome your fear, you become more courageous and determined. And from this point onwards nothing can hinder you from achieving what you aim for.

It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.”

– J.K.Rowling

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