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A video promoting your business is often the first chance you have to make a good impression on your target audience. It is important that when your company makes the decision to release a video commercial, product tutorial, or corporate commercial that it reflect your brand as you intend and is engaging for viewers.

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When choosing a video production company to create a commercial for your business, there are certain things you should consider before saying “Yes!”.  Remember, just because a business carries the label of “production company” does not guarantee quality video production, script writing, editing, or marketing.

Here are some of the top things you should do while choosing a video production company if you are serious about filming a quality video for your business.

1. Do they care about my company?

Never make a decision without speaking to someone at the company first. You’ll get a pretty good idea within the first couple of minutes how much they care about you and your business versus just your money.

Do they ask relevant, specific questions about your company and how it works? Are they genuinely interested in what you do, or does it seem like you’re just another lead? You want to make sure that the company you decide to work with is going to be passionate about your project and invested in making your video a success.

2. Do they have fresh and creative ideas?

With so many video production companies out there, everything can start to look and sound the same after a while (especially if you’re looking at more than a few portfolios). And if it looks “same old” to you, chances are it will look that way to your customers.

Try to find a production company that strives to create truly unique work. It will make your video more memorable and help it stand out from the pack. If you’re not sure, ask the company to pitch you a few ideas first. This simple exercise will probably show you if they have the ability to come up with something special or not.

3. How is the production quality?

This is a loaded question, but also one of the most important questions to ask. Do the videos look and sound professional? If it’s live action, does it look like it was shot in an unlit bathroom? How about the sound quality? If it’s animated, does it use stock assets or custom illustration? Is the animation fluid and creative?

At the end of the day, there are no right or wrong answers; all that really matters is whether or not you like their work. Oh, and if you’re not the boss, make sure he or she has buy-in. It’s critical to have all of the decision makers on board and excited about the company you select.

4.View Their Portfolio

A worthwhile production company will always have previous work available for anyone interested in hiring them to view.

Many times, the video portfolio will be accessible on the production company’s official website.  By viewing previous work, you can ensure the videos they produce meet your standards.  These samples will give insight into the quality of video this company is willing to place their name on.

Is it attractive, engaging, and professional?  These are the types of questions you should ask yourself when looking at a production company’s previous work.

Testimonials from previous clients or a client list detailing other customers that they have worked with are also helpful.  Happy clients are a sign that you have found a quality video production company.

kennysoft STUDIOs stands behind their work and does not shy away from sharing it with potential clients.  Check out their Video Portfolio and Client List to see what kind of work they have done in the past.  In addition, you can read some of the positive testimonials kennysoft STUDIOs has gotten from satisfied customers.

5.Ask About Marketing

Marketing your company’s video is just as important as producing it.  Don’t fall into the trap of believing that one commercial spot is enough to reach your target audience and get them so excited that they go out and buy your product the next day.

Promoting a business, even with the use of video, is an ongoing process.  When hiring a video production company in Nigeria, ask about marketing your video on different platforms to reach the widest audience possible.

Your video should be promoted on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and it should be posted at your audience’s peak viewing times.  Learn about placing the video on your company’s website to help boost online traffic and engage visitors looking for information about your company.

kennysoft STUDIOs understands that there are multiple outlets available for sharing your video and that by strategically utilizing them all, your company will see the best results.  Call them today to talk to a member of their professional staff about where you want your video shown and find out how they can help you make your vision a reality.

6.Get a Quote

Price is not always the best indicator of quality. production companies charge a range of prices for their video production services.  Sometimes you’ll find that a company that charges less offers a higher quality product than their more expensive competitors.

This is why you should do a little research.  Get a quote from every production company you are considering and compare that with the services they provide.  Then compare the quotes with your budget (because of course, budgets are important!).  The goal is to find an affordable production company that will produce a video you will be proud of and will get the results you are looking for.

kennysoft STUDIOs prides itself in providing affordable, full-service audio-video services to clients looking for a professional, creative, and well produced video.  With a variety of creative avenues to pursue, kennysoft STUDIOs is sure there is a way to meet your video production needs while staying on budget.

Other Considerations

Hiring a video production company in Maryland to produce your business’s video is a big investment.

·         Consider the production team.  Are they experienced industry professionals?  How many will be involved in the process?  Can they handle all of your business’s video production needs?

·         What is their process?  Understand how the production process will play out from start to finish.  How will they get the final okay on decisions?  What role will you play in the process?  Making sure your voice is heard is crucial.

·         Check the lines of communication.  You should feel involved in every step of the production process and should have a direct line to someone in charge at the production company should you feel something is not right or needs to be changed.

Make sure to connect all the dots so the video that is produced reflects your company’s values, is engaging enough to boost sales, and is marketed to the right audience.  After all, that’s what a commercial should do for your company.

If you own a business and you are looking for a quality video and animation production company, talk to the professionals at kennysoft STUDIOs. They will gladly answer all of your questions and develop a personalized plan for your company’s video.  Call them today for a free quote!

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