Whiteboard Animation, Beginner To Expert  in 3weeks

In this course you will learn all the essentials on making the perfect whiteboard animation PLUS more!
What Will I Learn?
  • Create Professional Whiteboard animations
  • Use This Skill To Make Side Money
  • Will To Learn
  • A Computer/Laptop

This Course will show all the ins and outs on using the software VideoScribe. This Course will help you master the software and create stunning WhiteBoard Animations.

Master WhiteBoard Animation using the special techniques provided in the course:

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* Learn the essentials for VideoScribe
* Build a strong relationship with your Audience
* Develop new skills with WhiteBoard Animation
* Master The Advanced techniques

WhiteBoard Animation Made-Easy

The Well-Known company DropBox started their business with a whiteboard Animation! Learning this PROFITABLE and Valuable skill will give you opportunities you never thought of before.

In this Course I will go step by step with you to ensure you get all the information on VideoScribe you need to start making professional Animations. As you follow along the course the content gets more interesting and valuable.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who aspire graphic design
  • This course is designed to give a perfect start for those who don’t know much on how to make whiteboard animations